Private Practice in a Small Group

I am very excited to share with you an innovative yoga program, where you get all the benefits of the private practice, but at half the price. It is aimed at anyone, who has practiced yoga before and is now ready to make it regular, in order to experience a profound shift in one’s consciousness and a dramatic increase in one’s levels of focus, clarity, confidence, power and purpose.

It will require your commitment, as you will be paired up with one or two other practitioners with similar level of experience and goals, so that your small group will become a powerful energetic container in which you can grow. I will offer you individual support and guidance outside of the class, via email or on Zoom, and I will also help you to map out your chakra system, so that you understand your energetic patterns, strengths and weaknesses and will know what to focus on in your practice.

Classes will be tailor-made for each small group, but will follow the direction of one of the programs below: AJNA, VISSUDHA, ANAHATA. The start date and time will be arranged to suit all participants. Please contact me on if you have any questions or would like to sign up.

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