Vera is a kind, intelligent, articulate and inspiring teacher with always a fascinating and enlightening perspective. Her lessons are always so well thought out and prepared. I leave her Kundilini yoga sessions with better clarity, calm, energy, understanding and well being. And of course it’s also a very energetic physical workout. The physical challenges in the Kundalini Yoga makes me push through my old stubborn resistance habits and after the sessions I feel stronger and lighter in my body and mind. It always feels like a privilege to attend her classes.

Emily Beecham (actress, Winner of Best Actress in Cannes 2019)

Vera is one of the best Kundalini yoga teachers I have met. The combination of her beautiful and soft presence together with the depth of her knowledge not just of kundalini yoga but also psychotherapy make her classes a truly unique experience for mind, body and soul. I am a huge fan, highly recommended!!”

Ana E. (Executive Director at Goldman Sachs)

“I‘ve been introduced to Kundalini Yoga a few weeks ago through an online zoom class that Vera is teaching once a week. I started it in times of the corona outbreak when I had also just started meditating myself. Vera‘s classes have since become one of the highlights in my week. Vera‘s way of teaching is honest, loving and kind. I fully trust her. Her kundalini classes open up space inside me to find and strengthen my inner power and to help me let go of emotional blocks. They release deep healing powers and support me to develop and live my full potential. I‘m deeply grateful for Vera‘s exceptional work!”

Aylin T (actress, director, screenwriter)

The wonderful Vera – Chananjoti Kaur (CK) introduced my partner & I to Kundalini.We just wanted to try it out once without any pre-knowledge about it – the class was clear, challenging, engaging, educational & also relaxing. I had never joined a class that included both a workout and a meditation in such a way before.We felt so good, “cleansed” and activated afterwards, we both decided to try out another session with her. We are now regularly practicing with CK and I can safely say that it has enriched my life both physically and mentally. My focus, my fitness, my balance. Her teaching is balm for body & soul. I can highly recommend CK’s Kundalini.

Max B. (actor, NLP coach)

“I am deeply grateful that I had the chance to participate in a series of Vera’s magic Kundalini classes. Vera creates beautifully balanced sequences, and her wonderful presence, energy and voice made it very easy for me to fully dive into the Kundalini practice. Her classes have brought me to a new level, both physically and emotionally, allowing me to release tension, turning my attention towards my heart, and opening up for new opportunities.”

Angela F. (yoga teacher)

“I have been practicing yoga for eons and was introduced to Kundalini yoga more than 20 years ago in the US.   I have practiced with a range of (Gurus) teachers across a number of yoga disciplines, and for me Kundalini yoga holds a special place. I find it to be particularly informative and personally transformative.  It’s meditation-based approach regularly leaves me feeling more serene while at the same time energised and insightful, sometimes even more powerful in the world.  The chants & exercises can seem whacky at times, but I love it (and all the better to have had a few laughs in a day).   I recommend it to anyone who’s interested in exploring a mindfulness-based approach to spiritual growth.  

As for Vera,  what a gift to have come across her and what a gift she is giving to choose now to focus on her Kundalini teaching.  Vera embodies the best of any teacher I’ve met with her beautiful nature, her warmth and clear-blue eyes, her patience and her sense of humour.    The words she speaks when she guides us through the class are always perfect:  clear, precise and meaningful while inspiring each of us to reach deeper into our practice.  I believe Vera’s following will grow as she’s evolves into her position as one of the great Kundalini masters.

India W. (ex-Wall St. banker, entrepreneur)

Vera is a wonderful teacher of Kundalini yoga. She guides with clear explanations and her classes involve specific ‘kriyas’ or meditations for work on aspects of the chakras, or systems within the body. She explains the ’science’ behind the kriyas and mantras with great clarity and the effects are always highly beneficial. I find that this unique form of yoga is an integral part of my own practice, elevating the capacity for higher vibrations an inner peace.” 

Alexander C. (violinist, Reiki healer)

Vera’s Kundalini classes are powerful and beautifully taught. Before attending Vera’s classes I had never practiced this type of yoga before. And I am very grateful to have discovered it through Vera’s warm and experienced teaching. Kundalini has brought me since immense spiritual, emotional and physical nourishment; it is a wonderful practice of yoga.  As a teacher, Vera is very talented. She is gentle, encouraging and guides you beautifully with her words and knowledge. Vera always makes sure that you are positioning and moving yourself in a correct and safe way. Her classes are a journey from which I always come out with a beautiful sensation of peace and energy.

Arabella de B. (architect, witch)

“I am thankful to have discovered Kundalini Yoga with Vera. The practice has helped me release emotional and physical blockages. It has given me inner strength and a sense of calmness and focus. Vera is a very inspiring and knowleadgable instructor, she guides you through the practice explaining the meaning of each new Kriya with passion. Her voice is soothing and is an integral part of the experience.

Tessa G. (jeweller, hypnotherapist)

I absolutely love Vera’s way of teaching Kundalini yoga. I’ve been toying with an idea of “doing yoga” on and off for the last 15 years, and I’ve had a chance to experience a wide variety of yoga lessons both at home in London and abroad, but her classes have resonated with me the most.

 At Vera’s class, there are no gimmicks, no lust for perfect body or posture. But what you experience is the presence of the moment that brings you back to your centre empowering you to be stronger than you thought you were.  It’s hard to describe the feeling, perhaps the correct word is a “reset”. When I leave her class, my perception of whatever is facing me changes. I might find new thoughts and ideas to act upon or feel more energy to do things I ought to be doing, or feel more connected with people around me. It’s also essential for me that every class is different, and as someone who gets easily distracted when things are predictable it keeps me alert and focused.

 What really places her teaching style apart for me is her magnetism and presence as a teacher in the class, her intuition feels at times supernatural.

Bring your mat and arrive as you are.  You will be touched; whether it’s by something she speaks about during the lesson or by some unexpected feeling or emotion arising from holding a posture that she chooses for you to practice.  You will find yourself coming back to that moment a long time afterwards finding a new thought or meaning. These glimpses of truth are the essence of yoga and the entire reason we do it. I’m grateful for the authenticity that Vera brings to it.

Zarina F (entrepreneur)
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