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My spiritual name is Chananjoti Kaur and I am an experienced yoga and meditation practitioner and International Certified Level 1 Teacher of Kundalini Yoga. I also hold a Foundation Diploma in Psychotherapy from NSPC and Masters in Philosophy from LSE and so in my teaching I map out the spiritual journey through different levels of consciousness (chakras) within the western understanding of individual development, offering referring to teaching of Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and many other Western psychotherapists.

I have knowledge, backed-up by extensive experience, of how Kundalini Yoga can help with healing trauma, treating depression, overcoming addictions, facing difficult cycles and encountering modern challenges of life. Also I work with high level creative and business professionals and I help them to have more energy, focus and clarity to achieve their goals. As a professional actor, filmmaker and a published poet (www.veragraziadei.art), I am particularly aware of how Kundalini Yoga can enhance the flow of creativity, strengthen one’s voice and make the practitioner a visionary. I offer each client not only a safe space where one can grow and transform, alongside the ancient technology, which is so sophisticated that modern science is just catching up with it, but also personalised advice, guidance and spiritual coaching.

My path to teaching spanned more than twenty years. I discovered Hatha yoga in my teens and travelled to India in 2003 to learn Sivananda Yoga in the Neyar Dam Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwatari Ashram. Since then I continued exploring other types of yoga, initially focusing on Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. I’ve discovered Kundalini Yoga in my early twenties, but begun practicing it daily only in 2014, which is when I understood how transformational and powerful yoga can be. I’ve trained as a teacher in 2016, building up my practice through public classes in Notting Hill and the Caribbean. Now I have an extensive list of private clients, whom I work with regularly, as well as offering occasional public classes and workshops in the UK and abroad.

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